Sunday, October 29, 2006

Return to 1855 - with color

Someone recently reminded me about Missouri Town, a small destination in Jackson county with barns, houses, and a school house from around 1855 (may be modelled after that era). Not far from this location are captive elk and bison so I figured I'd give it a shot. The bison and elk didn't turn out as they are behin 10 foot high chain link fences and that just isn't the feel I was going for when I set out this morning.

But I was able to get some color in the trees.

There were several barns on the property but I think I liked this one the most.

This farm house with the trees in the background seemed interesting enough, but I thought I'd try a technique I had recently heard about - specifally shooting with tree branches, and in this case a fence in the foreground. There's something I like about it.

I took this one just because a story my sister told me about - she seems to have a phobia of chickens and I'm a mean older brother hehe.

These next 3 are just of some maple trees in full color that I thought looked good.

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