Thursday, March 08, 2007

Impatience as a virtue

I've always been told patience is a virtue, and I've always responded with, "Not one of mine." So I anxiously wait the greener trees, and grasses, the budding flowers and the wildlife returning to the few places around town I like to go snap shots of. As I wait for better subject matter to photograph I am continuing my slow but steady push towards selling my pictures. I'm really stuck on two questions from my previous post (a couple months ago); pricing and which items to include in the portfolio.

I've shown what I have to a few people, and they seem to like them, but I tend to either have sentimental favorites or am overly critical of my work - I guess I tend to be a perfectionist at times.

In any event, this blog should come back to life in the coming weeks. In addition to shooting in Kansas City, I plan on taking a trip to St. Louis which should include visits to the St. Louis Zoo, Shaw's Gardens, and down town St. Charles.

So please keep checking back. I may not post as often as Cagey , but I haven't forgotten about this little blog either.

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Cagey said...

I am so ready for warm weather, I itch. Hang in there! ;-)